GG Taurus Trike challenges Can-Am: Powered by BMW image

Grueter and Gut Technik (GG), a Swiss company has manufactured the Can-Am that covers a remarkable German powerplant. The Can-Am is a European-made car and after manufacturing it, GG has received great appreciation. This time, the Swiss company has created a high performance BMW powered GG Taurus Trike which is available with a 1293cc BMW 4-cylinder engine.

This gigantic unit develops 175 bhp at 9,250 rpm and 140 Nm of torque at 8,250 rpm. It is combined with a 6-gear transmission. Considering the Can-Am Spyder’s gearbox, this new vehicle has also received a reverse gear option in its gearbox. The Taurus without fuel or rider weighs up to 397 kg and has got an enormous 34 liter fuel tank that helps improving its cruising range.

GG claims that this vehicle can make a top speed of 220 km/h that is 137 mph. Its front suspension is fitted just like a car with trapezoidal cross-members that are made up of aluminum. As far as the rear end is concerned, fully adjustable shocks can be found. The brakes include 270mm twin floating front discs and a single 284 mm rear disc. The front the vehicle sits on 17-inch wheels and from rear it sits on 19-inch wheels.

To ride this vehicle, European owners will not have to hunt for motorcycle license; they just require a car licence. Yet, no details are uncovered about the Taurus moving to other continents. Therefore, as of now, this three wheeler is made just for Europe.

Besides, GG has also planned to offer 4-wheeled GG Quad and GG Quadster. Unfortunately, it seems a bad news for most of the countries since they will not find it on the road.


By Sunita Mandal