Google’s smart glasses to underpin a smart windscreen? image

For the first time, Google have now officially confirmed they are working on “Project Glasses” and have also released a video outlining just how it’ll influence your every aspect of your life.

Well – it’s science fiction. You can see directions to your destination appear literally before your eyes. Moreover, you can talk to friends over video chat, take a photo or even buy a few things online as you walk around.

Basically, Project Glass continually scans your immediate area for information using what looks like a visual heuristic engine. The interface is voice-controlled, possibly augmented by some eye-tracking.

If it takes off, it could bring reality another step closer to science fiction, where the line between human and machine blurs.

The Android-powered glasses may be the next evolution in the ongoing mobile device race and could one day replace the current generation of smartphones and super phones that are stuck to our fingertips.

But how about this technology inside a windscreen?

I’m talking about the navigation system on your entire windscreen for example – a system that can show you the correct direction more precisely – speed limits or different warnings, prices of the nearest gas station, or the nearest restaurant. Navigation directions merge with reality, hazards are indicated in the driver’s direct line of vision…

Gesture recognition – in-car control with simple hand movements — Whoosh – move your head and a new track plays. This is manual operation in the true sense of the word…

However, having all this information projected on the front window may sound dangerous because one immediately associates it with poor visibility. But this might be the future …




  • Booker Brass

    I like the idea of having your whole windscreens provide you intellectual information. I could imagine it providing GPS too but I think it's too risky as it could cause accident.