HAMANN’s Styling and Optional Package for BMW 5-Series Touring image

When it comes to BMW, none of the enthusiasts will stay back without knowing the news about its next move. And then it’s about BMW 5-Series Touring which has introduced by Hamann.

After the limousine, Hamann is actually putting all its efforts into the estate car version of this brand’s series.

With its first pictures of how the car has received new styling package, Hamann has maintained the standard of this brand as well as the expectation of those enthusiasts. Alike the 5-Series GT and the 5-Series sedan, this newly modified model, Touring is equipped with a rear diffuser, a roof-mounted spoiler, a front lip spoiler, and extended side skirts.

In addition to this, customers are also offered with various options such as a four-tailpipe sport exhaust system which they can order, lowering springs to reduce the ride height by 35mm, and a number of 20-21 inch alloy wheels. Also, they can add a sports steering wheel, carbon fiber trim, and aluminum pedals at the interior.

This model is upgraded in Laupheim to become a fitness studio for total five people. All the upgrades are possible due to the aerodynamics package that fitted with a number of designs. In fact, the advanced Hamann sporty makeover is also obtainable in some versions for the 5-Series Touring. An exclusive sports metal catalyser will be provided for the 550i Touring along with middle silencer.







Written by Sunita Mandal