Making a hit with its new C-X16 Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, along with its facelifted version of the XF and XK, Jaguar has decided to upgrade its powertrains for the XF and XJ models, announcing that these two will get the all-wheel drive technology.

During the German event, Jaguar’s brand director Adrian Hallmark has announced that the XF and XJ will be fitted with AWD even if this will raise the production costs. The company’s official said that the all-wheel drive technology has to be available for the two models because the competition is already there and the Germans are offering it on their cars.

Adrian Hallmark also said that there is a high demand for all-wheel drive cars on markets where Jaguar is being sold and the automaker is currently losing customers to its German rivals by not offering this technology.

According to the company’s brand director, the XJ is doing well in the premium segment but there is always room to do better. On the other side, the XJ needs an impulse to help raise its sales and to battle with its German rivals.

Jaguar didn’t announce when the two models fitted with all-wheel drive will hit the showrooms but one thing is for sure, the huge gap between its models and cars made by Audi and BMW is about to become smaller.


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