Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept revealed image

The Mercedes-Benz truck division has recently presented the Aero Trailer Concept which has been developed in order to improve the aerodynamics of long-haul trucks by reducing air resistance.

According to the German based manufacturer, the Aero Trailer Concept has aerodynamic features suchs as side trim panels, front airdam and a rear diffuser. The concept has something in common with the award-winning Actros’ tractor, which has a tapered rear design that improves airflow. Mercedes-Benz says that this truck covering 150.000 km or 93.200 miles every year will help save around 2.000 literes of diesel fuel (528 gallons) which automatically translates into five tons of carbon dioxide which won’t be emitted into the atmosphere.

“The wind resistance falls by 18 percent, the fuel consumption by virtually five percent: the design study from Mercedes-Benz goes by the working title “aero trailer” and shows how it is possible to reduce yet further the already low consumption and thus also the CO2 emission of state-of-the-art trucks such as the new Actros. Mercedes-Benz will be presenting its ideas for the first time on the occasion of the “Trailer 2011” show taking place between 25 and 29 November in Kortrijk, Belgium”, as the manufacturer says in the official press release.

According to Mercedes-Benz, an Actros with an aerodynamic trailer was driven between Rotterdam and Szczecin, and even if it had a total load of 40 tones, the truck registered a 7.6 percent fuel consumption improvement than a similar platform in the same conditions without any aerodynamic improvements.