Opel and Vauxhall plants to build cars for other GM brands image

General Motors is set to approve making non Opel Vauxhall brand models in its European plants, including its UK plant at Ellesmere Port.

GM Europe president Steve Girsky said the company needs to use spare capacity at its existing plants. Other brands will be from the GM family and will almost certainly include Chevrolet. Girsky didn’t mention whether Peugeots will roll of GM’s European assembly lines following the strategic alliance between the two companies.

GM has already shut one of its factories at Antwerp in Belgium and another in Germany will be shuttered this year. “General Motors Europe did one million cars last year, it is the third largest car maker in Europe and employs 37,400 people with 11 plants. Yes, there is spare capacity but we can produce non-Opel-Vauxhall models,” Girsky said.

As for the alliance with PSA, the executive said that joint purchasing has already started and both parties will soon start seeing benefits. “GM is particularly strong on the purchasing side while PSA has some technologies that we are very interested in. We have already embarked on three joint programmes, there is an engine in the mix and there will be more to come,” Girsky added.

Current programmes also include a logistics agreement with PSA-owned Gefco and joint vehicles programmes on Meriva, Zafira and Corsa.