Piecha Design’s 2012 Mercedes SLK image

German tuning company Piecha Design has launched its aftermarket program for the current generation, which gets its reflection from 2012 Mercedes SLK.

Currently, we can only see the upgrades through its visuals, but soon we would be able to see something new in its pocket. However, one thing is clear that Piecha is working already on a power kit which will be used for the 2012 SLK. If compared the standard 2012 Mercedes SLK with Piecha’s roadster which is named as Accurian RS, the car has received a front spoiler lip along with side skirt covers, lateral grids, and LEDs on the side sills.

Besides these, if we see the rear features of Piecha 2012 Mercedes SLK, a new bumper that has an integrated diffuser and a boot lid spoiler fulfils the list. What is new to the car, making it even more attractive are the QUADRO 4-tube mufflers and a new sport exhaust system. This Piecha 2012 Mercedes SLK also features MP1 monobloc high-tech rims that measures its front axle at 8.5×19 and rear at 10.5×19.

Apart from this, the car sits on the newly fitted lowering springs that lower down the ride height by 25 mm. The company is yet to disclose its new program’s price info, but one can make some speculations about the 2012 Mercedes SLK program through its features.






Written by Sunita Mandal