The Japanese based automaker Mitsubishi has recently launched a refreshed version of the Pajero in Malaysia, coming with a modified front fascia and some changes to the interior.

As you can see from the images below, Mitsubishi Motors has decided to refresh the front fascia of the Pajero SUV by redesigning its front grille and bumper, restyling its roof rail, fitting it with new skid plate and offering the crossover new 18 inch alloy wheels. According to the Japanese car manufacturer, the “new” Mitsubishi Pajero’s cabin now has red illumination for the dashboard to lighten things up, a rear view camera system, which will help its drivers park it easier, a monitor incorporated into the auto dimming mirror, leather seats, powered front seats, auto leveling HID headlamps, 12-speaker 860 watt Rockford Acoustic surround system, automatic climate control and rear air-conditioning with independent control.

Mitsubishi said that on the refreshed Pajero, for the 250 PS 3.8 liter V6 variant of the SUV, a Brake Overide System has been fitted, which will cut engine power in case of simultaneous application of both accelerator and brake pedal. The refreshed Pajero will be available in Malaysia in four colors, the Quartz Brown Metallic, the Cool Silver Metallic, the Black Mica and the Warm White Mica, and its starting price has been set at RM298.980.


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