Report – Hyundai developing all new fuel cell model, to be showcased in 2017 image

The Hyundai ix35 / Tucson Fuel Cell has been going out the production lines for almost three years now but the fact that it’s based on the former generation model puts it a little out behind other hydrogen competitors.

While the model is the only hydrogen fuel cell sport utility currently available on the market, there’s heating competition coming from Toyota and Honda with their Mirai and Clarity Fuel Cell models. Now the company has reportedly announced it will reveal a new model sometime in 2017. According to a recent British media interview, Hyundai Motor UK Product PR Manager Robin Hayles has allegedly confirmed the brand is looking to replace the model with a new fuel cell vehicle. The executive was mysterious and refrained from detailing the plans but the reports are calling for a more affordable model than the current ix35 / Tucson Fuel Cell that would be more directly aimed at consumers.

Fortunately for crossover fans, the new model is still expected to use the practical body style and will remain about the same size as the current FCV but will be using a much lighter platform from the get go. More details will be revealed closer to the world premiere but the manager said the new FCV would also be available as a right-hand drive configuration. The model’s lifespan should be of around four years and the company plans to build and sell between 10,000 and 15,000 units.

Via Autocar