The VW Group has promised to electrify itself by 2030, but when that time comes we’ll see if the truth was told full or just in part – the company has a reputation now for not telling the truth.

Let’s take it slowly – with Matthias Mueller’s declarations at the Frankfurt Motor Show for the CNBC, where the VW Group CEO showcased a moderate attitude towards everything. For example, he condescends Tesla: “We can’t compare apples with pears. Tesla is a company that sells less than 100,000 units and we sell 10 million.” Then he made a claim that might actually be used against him if there’s any more Dieselgate shenanigan in the future: “The diesels we are offering today are clean. There’s going to be a co-existence between combustion engines and electrified drive systems over the next 10 to 20 years, so against this background we should all be patient and relaxed and leave the decision to our customers.”

We’ll see if he thinks the same if police were after him as well for the Dieselgate scandal – according to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, former Volkswagen engine development chief Wolfgang Hatz, close to former VW boss Martin Winterkorn, has been arrested by the Police. Meanwhile, all is not going according to plan with the planned cost for the massive emissions scandal. According to Automotive News Europe, VW is going to take another surprise $3 billion hit, due to a “more technically complex and time consuming implementation” of the company’s diesel resolution in North America.


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