Every year, car companies constantly work to innovate and make their cars better and safer for the driver. According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, for 2010 the safest car is the Buick LaCrosse for Large cars, Audi A3 ( MidSize cars ), Honda Civic 4-door model (Small Cars).

A total of 8 SUVs and 19 cars earned the 2010 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick award for being the safest cars on the road today.

The 27 winners, by category, are: BREAKING! 2011 Safest Cars list ! Update 22 Dec 2010

Large cars

Buick LaCrosse

Ford Taurus

Lincoln MKS

Volvo S80

Midsize cars

Audi A3

Chevrolet Malibu built after October 2009

Chrysler Sebring 4-door with optional electronic stability control

Dodge Avenger with optional electronic stability control

Mercedes C class

Subaru Legacy

Subaru Outback

Volkswagen Jetta sedan

Volkswagen Passat sedan

Volvo C30

Small cars

Honda Civic 4-door models (except Si) with optional electronic stability control

Kia Soul

Nissan Cube

Subaru Impreza except WRX

Volkswagen Golf 4-door

Midsize SUVs

Dodge Journey

Subaru Tribeca

Volvo XC60

Volvo XC90

Small SUVs

Honda Element

Jeep Patriot with optional side torso airbags

Subaru Forester

Volkswagen Tiguan

Safest Cars 2010 Report ( PDF Link )

2011 Safest Cars list is here ! ( updated 22 Dec 2010 )


  1. Hasn't anybody heard of the premature rear break wear on the 2008 and 2009 Honda Accords? Rear brakes are wearing out at 20,000 miles and sooner and the owners are being told that that's normal wear. Also we owners are being made to pay for replacing the rear brakes when in reality Honda knows that there's a problem with the premature wearing out of the brakes. Last week they even settled a class action law suit which covered this problem. Unlike Toyota who is doing everything possible to solve their problem for the consumer, Honda still wont admit that there is a problem and is charging the owners to replce the brakes; me included.

  2. I notice that the finest cars in the world are not on this list
    TOYOTA LEXUS it is a fact that 80 percent of most American made cars that are 20 years old are in the scrap heap while
    80 percent of Toyota made products are still on the road.
    The safety of ones wallet has been disregarded here.
    American auto makers will stop at nothing to berate the
    opposition that has made far superior products for decades.
    Anyone who buys into this is not the sharpest knife in the drawer….

    • Mr. Brown, your knife needs a little sharpening, Try stating facts not opinions, Toyota makes some good cars but they also make some very deadly ones also. That's why there not on this list where you would like them to be.Probally the one setting in your driveway. American auto makers berating Toyota ? They are doing a great job of that themselves. Why not stop the finger pointing and blind acusations and try rating your own professional abilities compaired to the rest of the world. I'm sure there are many that can do it much better and cheapper than you.

  3. […] Since these list ratings change, for up-to-date information concerned consumers may visit In Auto news: Safest Cars 2010 for a full list of the highest-rated safe vehicles. Another advantage about Volvo vehicles is that […]

  4. I don't know where is allthis come from probably another marketing scam

    every body knows that For example mercedes S class has the most sophisticated safty tech that money can buy this another scam like Toyota did earn over the years as a reliable car but we see what is finally coming out( the truth) one hasto ask himself that a car like lexus with $100,000 difference with merc or BMW can't compete that expense and extra price from the the Germans xcame from some where really serious after all they are not stupit to price their cars higher there is good reson for that you get what you pay

    I'm a dealer and drove most of the brands and also repair them.

  5. My three friends and I just survived a crash in a BMW M3 where we rolled three times and ended up upside down and the worst injury is a scraped knee…. I think that the car deserves a spot i owe my life to that car

  6. Volvo is definitely one of the safest cars on the road today. What I like about Volvo is their flexibility to add on new safety features. Most Volvo's come with HID headlights but for those that don't, a simple conversion kit can do the trick.

  7. Something to realize about crash test ratings is that in most cases the heavier a car is the more likely you are to survive. So yes a big Chevy Suburban may get horrible gas mileage, but you are much much more safe as compared to a Volvo C30 which made the best list.


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