Subaru FT-86 to Debut at Tokyo, No Turbo for This Model: Report image

Since 2008, we are hearing about Toyota FT-86. It was the time when Toyota and Subaru together made plans to develop a new rear-wheel-drive coupe. Following that, some of the concepts were found and also been discussed about the expectations of the new coupes.

Eventually, the Toyota FT-86 front engine, rear-wheel drive sports coupe, a Subaru version is set to be debuted at the Tokyo Auto Show this December. Toyota and Subaru have planned to unveil both of their versions at this auto show with Toyota’s Scion FR-S concept.

The production of this Subaru version will begin in spring 2012. As per the latest reports, it has been found that there will not be any powerful, turbocharged STI version. Though Subaru has planned to come up with the STI version, but it will not be similar to that of the previous high-powered STI that basically provided immense turbos. The reason behind not adding the turbocharging feature is that it does not match the original plan of the vehicle. The vehicle should be naturally aspirated as said by Subaru.

The Subaru’s newly produced 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder boxer engine will be housed under the hood. In fact, the similar powerplant will boast in the redesigned Subaru Impreza which is planned to arrive this fall. The only difference will be of the engine that will be positioned 5 inch lower as compared to the Impreza in order to lower down and balance the weight and handling of the vehicle. Also, no plans are made for the AWD model. It’s just the rear wheel drive FT-86. One can enjoy both manual as well as automatic transmission and the official pricing is yet to declare. However, the sporty coupe is expected to be available in the range of $20,000.

By Sunita Mandal