The Japanese based automaker Toyota was planning to develop a Sedan and a Shooting Brake variant of the popular GT 86 sports car.

After it was presented almost at every major automotive event on the globe over the last year, the Toyota GT 86 still manages to end up in our news, this time with the Japanese based automaker making an official announcement. According to the company’s chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, a Sedan and a Shooting Brake version of the Toyota GT 86 were planned.

“Mass producing a sports car for a company like Toyota carries a big business risk and we’ve tried to mitigate that risk with our collaboration with Subaru. We say, ‘mitigate’ in one word, but we had to make some really tough decisions for us to realize this. Also, along the way, we investigated the possibility of a sedan and a shooting brake”, as Tetsuya Tada says.

Tetsuya Tada has also said that his personal dream is that the GT 86 might become for Toyota what MINI is for BMW, and this is not impossible considering the fact that BMW and Toyota are currently investigating the feasibility of creating a new sports car. If it will indeed make its way onto the market, after the Convertible, the Sedan and the Shooting Brake versions of the GT 86 will probably get the same 2.0 liter engine under their hoods, as the regular sports car.

Source: FR-S Forum


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