Turkish Karsan V1 may be New York’s Taxi of Tomorrow image

The iconic yellow taxi in New York City is about to be given a dramatic makeover. The people of New York City have spoken, and they’ve found the taxi designs from both Ford and Nissanlacking.

TLC (New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission) Chairman David Yassky told reporters during the press conference on Thursday that the unique design of Karsan’s V1 with a complete glass roof was the design most liked by respondents.

The official survey found that 66 percent of respondents (number not disclosed) fancied the Turkish purpose-built taxi. Surprisingly, the Nissan NV200 ranked second, with 44 percent of New Yorkers going for it. The Blue Oval Connect, a dull-looking model compared to either of its competitors, received the votes of only 38 percent of the future taxi customers.

There are currently more than 16 different cab models in New York, but by 2013 there will be only one type of taxi for customers. The Karzan v1 is the firm favourite to win the competition. The model was presented to New Yorkers in Manhattan on Wednesday, in an attempt to draw more supporters.

William Wachtel, President of Karsan USA, said: “The time has come for there to be a light-duty urban transit vehicle embracing the concept of uniformity that the London cab has presented for decades.

“This taxi is all about comfort, access, sustainability and durability. The Karsan V1 has been specifically designed and engineered to be a New York City taxi.

“It will be the first purpose-designed taxi in New York since the beloved Checker, and has specific features to meet the needs of passengers, the disabled, drivers and taxi owners.”

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    really nice car

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    good design for nyc