UK: 7.2 million drivers are racing against the GPS image

Racing against the GPS devices is becoming more popular in the United Kingdom, where 7.2 million drivers admitted that they’ve pushed the gas pedal to get to their destination faster than the GPS estimated.

A recent ICM Research survey showed that this was and still is the most popular thing among British drivers and 3.6 million of them were caught by the speed cameras in the last 12 months while they were racing their GPS systems.

From the 7.2 million drivers who admitted racing against the GPS, 144.000 crashed and the accident involved at least another vehicle, 200.000 hit the sidewalk, 161.000 had an unsocial behavior for other drivers, 1.2 million drove through yellow lights when they could have stopped and 570.000 didn’t slow down at junctions.

“Used properly, GPS units are a fantastic invention which helps drivers to navigate efficiently and focus on the road instead of using a map or printed instructions. Encourage drivers to use this technology to increase travel safety, passengers and other road users. They also remind them to think of others and not be tempted to emulate the GPS”, said the head of insurance department of Sainsbury’s Finance, Ben Tyte.