UK: BMW M3 Royal Edition image

The German automaker has a long history of running April Fools Day ads and this has been continued for April Fools Day 2011.

This year, with spring in the air and a Royal Wedding later this month, BMW have foreseen the demand for celebratory souvenirs and revealed the NEW BMW M3 ROYAL EDITION.

The majestic Royal edition is available in three colours – Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue. It is resplendently upholstered in Windsor White Dakota leather and adorned with our commemorative ‘Will’ emblem.

Joe Kerre, BMW Junior Operations Kindle Executive at BMW’s Forschungs und Narren division in Munich, spoke passionately about the latest M car:

“The Royal Wedding has captured the people’s imagination so we thought that it would be a fitting tribute to offer an exclusive edition of one of our most majestic models.  Given the Windsor’s German heritage, the BMW M3 Royal Edition should make for the ideal wedding gift.”

News of the M3 Royal Edition comes after the critically acclaimed success of the BMW Political Roundel Attachment Tag (:)))) ), that let owners show their partisanship during the general election, and the Canine Repellent Alloy Protection that stopped dogs from relieving themselves on customers’ wheels.