[Video] New Guinness record for smallest 360-degree spin nailed by Subaru BRZ image

The Japanese sports car is now the new record holder for the interesting Guinness World Record “Tightest 360° spin” section.

Moving to demonstrate the model’s increased handling and agility, stunt driver Alastair Moffatt had the rear-wheel drive coupe spinning around in a very tight space – the previous record was achieved back in 2014 and Guinness World Record had it at a mere 2.5 meters. The stunt driver actually pulled the 4.24-meter-long BRZ squeeze in a gap that actually had only 2.25 meters of clearance – the feat occurred at the Autosport International Live Action Arena during the 2016 Autosport Show.

In order to deliver the maneuver, Alastair of course switched off the car’s traction control and also made do without the ABS in order to have unfiltered tail-happy reactions from the BRZ – he had around 30 mph (48 km/h) just prior he entered the 360-degree spin. The BRZ is “the perfect car in which to do it; light, highly maneuverable and easy to control. It’s great to have another record to my name,” commented afterwards Alastair.

By the way, if you didn’t know, the BRZ is up for a mid life cycle refresh soon alongside sister model Toyota GT 86 and the engineers said the facelift will have an extensive span – from engine, body and design to suspension or the addition of a carbon fiber roof. But there’s one thing you don’t need to hold your breath – a turbo is not yet in the cards, maybe the team is saving this one for the next generation.

Via Barcroft Cars