[Video] Review of the Lexus RC F says track prowess impeded by weight image

The Lexus RC F is a worthy Japanese contender to the likes of BMW’s M4, thanks to the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 power mill that churns out 471 ponies.

But while the model should be more than happy to hit the track to escape the crowded streets, the latest video review points to discerning issues – one of them being the weight it has to overcome when going full throttle on the racing circuit. According to Carbuyer’s Mat Watson, who took the Lexus RC F on a test drive both on the street and on the racing track, the model is plain fun to drive on the open road. But taken to the circuit, the Japanese coupe should have felt at home – only that its heft makes it feel a little out of its depth. The luxury coupe tips the scale at 1,840kg (4,056lbs), which is close to 300kg (661.4lbs) more than the tally for a BMW M4. Owners that also use the car on a daily basis will not feel the difference and actually appreciate the added luxury, but for those who also go full throttle on the race track the answer might not be right.

More so, there are other issues at hand such as limited visibility, the parking brake operated by foot and the scruffy infotainment system. Also, when compared directly to the BMW M4, the RC F also loses points in terms of practicality – both space in the rear and the luggage compartment fall behind what the rival offers. The RC F comes instead with more power than the M4 – rated at 425hp (431PS) and with a peak torque of 550Nm (406 lb-ft), for acceleration that is better than what the IS F can do (4.6 seconds) and an electronically capped top speed of 168mph (270km/h).

Via Carbuyer