[Video] Toyota’s latest fuel cell promotional move targets critics, including Tesla’s Elon Musk image

Their latest promotional stunt in the US has taken the idea of calling critics to the “witness stand” – and even captions the video, “Fueled by Bullsh*t | Presented by Toyota Mirai,” in a direct reference to a very vocal and outspoken critic of the technology – namely Tesla Motors chief executive officer and co-founder, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. The narrator’s introduction is another reference: “some have even gone so far to call it bullsh*t” – comments made by Musk back in October 2013 when he called the technology a marketing stunt and claimed it would only be viable for use in rockets. By the way, he’s also involve din that – through his Space X company, so he should support this tech as well, right?

As far as Toyota is concerned, they have pledged their faith on fuel cell cars, mainly their hydrogen-powered Mirai – claiming it represents the future of emissions-free driving. On numerous occasions the company executives have downplayed the batter-driven technology, saying it would be usable for short distances – batteries still have very limited range and the power grid is inefficiently used when recharging. The Japanese automaker has even decided to put all eggs into the hydrogen basket – deciding to abandon its previous two-decades long research and development effort to design viable electric vehicles, as per news reports. In the US, the Mirai will become available in California before the start of 2016, with sales expanding alongside the needed infrastructure.

Via Forbes

  • Julian Cox

    The problem with Fuel Cell vehicles is that after all the cynical self-congratulatory fracking industry chortling is done with (real source of hydrogen feedstock), consumers can now associate two words together interchangeably in the same sentence. FuelCell = Bullshit.