A recent report in Germany’s “Manager Magazin” about Volkswagen’s increased sales target revealed something really interesting. Dr. Martin Winterkorn told newspaper that VW wants to bring back the rear-engine VW Beetle on the market!
According to the source, 2011 brings the next generation VW Beetle to the market. The rear-engine variant would then follow some years later.

Beetle in the history and what may come…
The Beetle is one of the longest running and most produced vehicles of a single design. VW Beetle’s production started in 1938 and the rest is history. The idea of this masterpiece was given by Adolf Hitler who ordered Ferdinand Porsche to develop a Volkswagen(meaning people’s car) for the people of Germany.



  1. My '73 Beetle is a daily driver. Simple, easy to fix. That is what consumers want right now. Something that doesn't break the bank if it needs to be repaired. I can afford more, I only choose not to.

  2. The air-cooled flat 4 engine of the Beetle can easily be made into a pavement melting street rod. The power is there, you just have to let it loose!


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