VW Polo plug-in hybrid is in the works image

Besides the semi-eco BlueMotion Polo which is refusing to burn a lot of petrol, the German based automaker Volkswagen will launch a plug-in hybrid version of the Polo, which will be the direct rival of the Toyota Yaris HSD, the first segment B full-hybrid.

According to AutoWeek.nl, the Volkswagen Polo plug-in hybrid will be launched in a few years, a fact confirmed by the VW Group CEO Martin Winterkorn, who said in an interview with AutoZeitung that the company must have at least plug-in hybrid on offer and the first vehicles of the automaker that are more likely to have this technology will be the Polo and the Golf.

The Volkswagen Polo plug-in hybrid will be a direct competitor to the Toyota Yaris HSD which is the first full-hybrid car in the B segment and a good amount of customers who are currently aiming the BlueMotion are most likely to choose the new eco-friendly version of the Polo.

Launching a plug-in hybrid is the perfect solution into cutting down fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and in order to deny some rumors, Winterkorn has also said that Volskwagen has no intention of launching a new compact crossover based on the Polo platform.

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    The Prius C is a suprememly fuel efficient vehicle, getting 52MPG average US gallons in the real world (Fuelly.com) and more if you try. I don't think VW can compete with Toyota's Pri. The Prius C is only $18K for the base model and $20K for a level 2 or 3 Prius C.

    Cheaper than a TDI hybrid and as good of MPG without the complex emissions controls for diesels.