Volkswagen has put on hold plans to build the BlueSport roadster and the Bulli retro MPV concept, according to VW R&D chief.

The same goes for the Polo Coupe, previewed by the 2011 Italdesign Tex concept. VW has changed its mind and now wants to build more SUVs instead of investing in the three new models.

VW’s R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg told reporters at the Paris motor show that VW needs to develop more SUVs, especially in the supermini segment where the carmaker needs to have a presence in. VW’s rush is easy to understand: Nissan enjoys good sales with the Juke, while Opel has launched its first supermini-SUV, the Mokka, and Ford is about to do the same with the Ecosport.

Hackenberg said VW’s supermini SUV will most likely arrive in 2014 and will be based on the carmaker’s new MQB platform. The car will use new petrol and diesel engines developed for the new architecture.

As for the BlueSport, Hackenberg said the car is ready for production, but it will not hit the showrooms soon as VW’s says it’s not financially viable.

“The segment is falling if anything. I don’t want to go to the board now with it as a rejection would kill it off completely. If we can make a business case for it, it can be put into production quite quickly. But if we make the proposal now, it dies,” Hackenberg was quoted as saying by Autocar.

The Bulli MPV is in the same situation. “We didn’t find a market for it. There is no business case,” Hackenberg said. Unfortunately, VW sees no market for the Polo coupe either.


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