Volkswagen Ag is planning to build a new small SUV mode based on its Polo and Up! cars, Handelsblatt daily reported, citing company sources.

The consideration of a subcompact SUV is largely based on the favorable public reaction to the Buggy Up! and Cross Up! concepts that debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Drawing its inspiration from the iconic Meyers Manx and other such Beetle-based beach buggies, the Buggy Up! concept takes the new urban hatchback’s mechanical bits and covers them in a new shape that has no doors. The concept model features a lightweight construction with extensive body reinforcements and a roll bar behind the two seats to compensate for the loss of the roof and the doors.

At 3,584 mm long and 1,672 mm wide, the Buggy Up! is slightly longer and wider than the hatchback model it is based on.

On the same time, with dark charcoal fenders; silver roof rails, mirrors, and bumpers; and a larger front air intake, the Cross Up! is the tough(-ish) guy in this small-car family.

It has the exact same wheelbase and interior room as the three-door version but adds another dimension of practicality.


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