VW Takes 4th Place in Top 5 Worst Super Bowl Ads image

VW got a place in the top 5 worst Super Bowl commercials with its ‘Get Happy’ ad, which was considered racist.

Companies spend millions of dollars to have their commercials aired during the Super Bowl game, the most-watched television show every year, paying from $3.7 million to $3.8 million for 30 seconds of commercial time. A total of 30 companies paid $300 million for commercials during the game, a golden opportunity for the advertisers to reach the masses.

This year Go Daddy got the first two spots in the top 5 worst Super Bowl commercials. The first place was taken by the ‘Perfect Match’ ad featuring the beautiful model Bar Rafaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio ex-girlfriend, who is passionately kissing a nerd named Walter. The message of the ad is ‘When sexy meets smart your small business scores’, but it doesn’t really matter as by the time the message appears on the screen viewers are already too grossed out by the long, wet, noisy kiss.

The second Go Daddy commercial, resting comfortably on the second place, was considered by some as being sexist and misogynistic. Wives ask their husbands why they haven’t put their ideas online, as if only men are capable of great ideas. A commercial with no sense of humor, sexist, typical to Go Daddy’s commercials, which definitely deserves the second place as the worst Super Bowl ad.

Doritos is on the third place, with an ad that features a pretty little girl who only maker her father play with her only because she has a bag of Doritos. So fathers play with their daughters only if bribed with Doritos, right?

On the fourth place is VW, with what considered a racist ad, in which a Minnesota man is so happy when he drives his Volkswagen vehicle that he speaks with Jamaican accent and so are the people whom he take in a joy ride with his car. Unfortunately, although the commercial was funny and had a clear message, the fact that it was connected with the idea of racism, made it an ineffective ad.

“I don’t like it at all. It’s like blackface with voices,” said New York Time’s columnist Charles Blow,” New York Time’s columnist Charles Blow.

The fifth place is taken by another sexist ad, this time coming from Gildan. The commercial features a guy which wakes up in the morning after a crazy one-night stand and he tries to sneak out of the house without waking the woman. But she wears his favorite T-shirt and he struggles to get it off of her. The idea of the commercial was not nice at all.