Toyota will unveil the facelift Hilux model this year at the Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne on July 1. Until then, here are the first images showing the new 2012 Hilux facelift.

Many details are not known, but as you can see the front end has been revised and now features a stronger face inspired by the high end Toyota Landcruiser J200. The design of the lower bumper also appears chunkier, giving the HiLux a solid stance.

Depending on the market, actual Hilux comes with a series of Diesel and petrol engines. 2.5 L diesel D-4D DOHC I4, 102 hp (76 kW) – 144 hp, ( Europe, Asia and South Africa ), 2.7 L gasoline VVT-i DOHC I4, 160 hp ( US, Australia ), 3.0 L diesel D-4D DOHC I4 173 hp ( Europe, Australia ), 4.0 L gasoline VVT-i DOHC V6, 228 hp (170 kW) – 236 hp ( Australia, China ), and from 2008 a 4.0L Supercharged DOHC V6 306 hp/225 kW – Australia only.

The 2012 model most probabily will keep most of these engines, while ESC stability control will be offered as standard to meet the completion from Vw’s Amarok.


  1. great looks but cn it match d diesel engine of hyundai r-e vgt sta.fe?up to now im still looking for a match up.

  2. lol hyundaia? your actually comparing a HiLux to hyundai? Hyundai cars are absolute pieces of crap, by now everyone knows that, the only reason people purchase them, its because theyre to cheap to buy an acutal car, so they go to Hyundai which makes copies of cars and just sells them for half price, Hyundai's are highly unreliable cars. SANTA FE offers a 2.0 and 2.2L engines, how in the hell are you asking if it can match up with a santa fe.Toyota's reliability, durability and performance cant be compared to Hyundai's crappy cars. Enough said.

  3. obviously you guys dont know anything about sta fe's and hyundai at all. you say hyundai is crap and cheap? that was before and during the introductory days just like all brands where when they started. hyundais quality now has spiked up and sales spiked up as well. and if you compare the hilux engine to the sta fe, the new hilux engine still cant be compared to sta fe coz sta fe has smaller but more powerfull engine with 197hp for the 2.2 crdi re-vgt model. while hilux engine 2.5 crdi only gives 108hp. and even the 3.0 engine doesnt come close to sta fe's power. But dont get me wrong, i have big respect for toyota and i recommend it for my family coz almost everyone in my family has toyota and even Lexus. i just have great respect for hyundai as well coz i have a hyundai myself and i have been driving the sta fe for sometime and i must say it has great handling, exellent comfort,extreme power and parts are affordable like toyota as well.. And another fact, as of the moment Toyota is behind when it comes to engines coz until now they dont have the Variable Geometric Turbo technology as of yet, compared to nissan,hyundai,mitsubishi,and kia. Therefore toyotas diesel engines are kinda out of date but im really waiting for the change soon.
    So Please (2500hd and atish) dont comment negatively on something you havent really tested since you a loyal toyota Fanatic, its always better to check the other cars first before you criticize them coz your being wrongfully biased.

  4. well what can i say…nissan is still the best specially when it comes in durability..although the advantage of toyota they can change the unit in a year but when we are buying a car we look for the best and number one if i wr u ill choice nissan sportstruck of the 2011 navara f the expensive vehicle ..the more expensive the more best performance and durable


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