While most car news from China involve some car rip offs, it is not to be ignored that the country has managed to produce its first supercar – the Qiantu K50 Event- a total original one, that is looking quite fine to us.

With a sophisticated and modern front end, the car has a unique side profile that is indeed beautiful. The model also shows off with a big wing on the back lays that fits it into the sports cars range.
The new Qiantu K50 Event Chinese car has an electric motor that put outs 408 HP and a 0 to 62 MPH is estimated to be reached in only 5 seconds. On a single charge, the car will be able to cover 124 miles. Its features sound promising to us and its price is a reasonable $113,000 for a supercar – that is to be said.

The new car has also a race variant that is different from the road-legal one, having a full aerodynamic body kit, complete with menacing front and rear bumper diffusers, side skirts and air intakes in the rear fenders. The regular Qiantu K50 Event has a simpler exterior design, with a leather-wrapped dashboard, centre console and door cards and a fresh infotainment touch screen system.
China, the world’s largest auto market, is still regarded by many experts as an emerging auto market, yet to mature. But after the 2015 edition of the Shanghai Auto Show where Qiantu revealed its K50 Event model, it is getting closer to supercar producers out there.

By Gabriela Florea


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