The only annual car show in Italy has been canceled in 2013 because of a lack of exhibitors, according to the organizers.

The decision is just another move that shows how global carmakers are scaling back their spending amid the European region’s prolonged sales decline, which has reached a five year-low, with one of the most troubling examples being exactly Italy’s case, where the automotive market fell more than 50% from 2007. Italy’s car show was set up for the December 3-9 period and, for comparison’s sake, while the 2013 Frankfurt motor show had around 1,000 exhibitors, the 2012 edition of Bologna only attracted 133.

“The 38th edition of the Bologna Motor Show has been cancelled … because of the total absence of auto manufacturers,” said GL events, the organizer of the show.

Usually, companies going to a major automotive event can spend north of one million euros for each brand in their portfolio on a big stand at venues in Detroit, Paris, Geneva and Frankfurt. But, as countries like Italy and others also have Motor Shows, albeit smaller, the carmakers move to cut their expenses by going to the shows with a global reach, leaving Bologna Motor Show, for example, without support.

Via Reuters


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