Next Mini generation to be fully integrated into BMW image

The third generation of the Mini British brand will be fully integrated into the BMW family with new models coming from 2013.

The MK3 Mini generation will be based on a new BMW platform which will have front-drive architecture and it will come with two wheelbase lengths. The Bavarian car manufacturer will develop the brand-new platform on the Cowley, Oxfordshire plant, where it has recently announced an investment of around 500 million pounds.

According to Autocar, the new three-door hatch from Mini, codenamed F56, will be the first one to arrive sometimes next year, being scheduled for hitting the dealerships in 2013. The new “rebranded” Mini will also take on the MPV segment with the next Clubman estate, known as “Spacebox”.

The new generation of Mini will also be powered by an advanced three-cylinder BMW engine which will produce somewhere between 120 and 160 BHP, but it will also benefit from a 230 BHP 2.0 liter engine.

In a world where small cars are “a must” and CO2 emissions mean everything, the Mini sub-brand is becoming even more important to BMW for the plans to downsize its models and reduce fuel consumption figures.