An aftermarket car company has recently presented to the public at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Expo the Toyota Prius Camper Van.

The 2012 edition of the Tokyo Auto Expo, which is basically an exotic version of the Las Vegas Auto Show, has seen some quite interesting vehicles, even from Toyota, like the iQ GRMN which has been scheduled for production or even the Prius GT300 race car. But this article isn’t about any of those, in fact it’s about a hideous car, whose name has something to do with the iconic VW Camper and it’s named the Toyota Prius Camper Van.

But if you’ve taken a close look to the images by now, don’t despair because this model isn’t developed by Toyota but by an aftermarket car company which is based in Nagano Japan. As you can see from the images posted below this article, the hideous creation is coming with a fiber reinforced plastic composite shell, which extends the car’s total length by 20 inches or 52 mm, and also adds 22 inches (560 mm) to the height, with the final result being enough space for four adults to sleep. In my opinion this car looks like a regular Toyota Prius on hemorrhoids and its roof makes me want to poke it with a stick to see if it screams.


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