[Video] We praise Ram for praising everything in time for Thanksgiving image

We know some parts of the world don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and the day has actually passed, but there’s no reason not to showcase the Ram commercial that makes us take some time to think about the good things we have.

Ram has decided to pay homage to the hardworking, unsung ‘everyday heroes’ that keep America going. And yeah, we should all take time once in a while to consider what are we thankful for – be it family, love, money, job or the latest World Cup result. Ram Trucks on its part is thankful for the workers of America in this 90-second spot, titled “Praise”, that was showcased during Thanksgiving Day NFL games on CBS and Fox. Ram claims this is a series of “reverent, realistic portraits of men and women employed as waitresses, janitors, foremen, and fishermen.” Not glamorous jobs, but without the “everyday heroes” that do them, any country would falter and crumble around them.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of customer Ram targets with its professional models. People will have 20 toolboxes stacked in the back for work then go for a family trip at the lake and do some rafting. “‘Praise’ is the Ram brand’s tribute to hard-working Americans and the story of people who are the backbone of our country. Just as the brand paid homage to American farm families a few years back during a Super Bowl telecast, we always look for opportunities to build unique, impactful content around a defining cultural moment,” added FCA’s Global marketing head, Olivier Francois.