Alfa Romeo SUV gets the green light for production image

Alfa Romeo will produce a crossover at the company’s plant in Toledo North, Ohio, and the new model will share the platform and several other features with the new Jeep Liberty.

After Fiat and Chrysler have signed an agreement which will bring new models to the United States and Europe, the partnership will also give birth to an Alfa Romeo SUV which, according to, will enter production at the company’s Toledo North, Ohio factory. The exact date when the Alfa Romeo SUV will hit the production line is uncertain at the moment but on the 16th of August the facility will stay idle while awaiting the necessary preparations for producing the model and its Jeep derivative too.

The Alfa Romeo SUV will have a lot of things in common with the Jeep Liberty, including the platform, engines and running gear, but differences between the two models will be made in styling and while the Jeep will follow the same path as before, Alfa Romeo will probably enlighten us with new lines. Chrysler will be investing 1.7 billion USD to increase the plant’s capacity and it will also hire an additional 1,100 works, while adding a second shift. The Alfa Romeo SUV might roll off the assembly line in early 2013.