Just a few days fresh from its reveal, the facelifted Peugeot 3008 also publicly debuts during the 2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

Its true that along the new 308, the true star of the Peugeot booth was the 308 R variant, but never the less we shouldn’t discard the facelifted crossover, that comes with updated design and other tweaks for the standard and Hybrid4 variants.

Just to make sure we don’t discard the 3008 model with a niche status, the French told us that it even exceeded their expectations (by a big 50%), selling 506,000 units worldwide to date.

The facelifted models have a new front fascia with a revised grille, restyled headlights and additional chrome trim. The model also has new taillights and restyled 16- to 18-inch alloy wheels. The revisions to the interior and technical equipment are limited, focusing on delivering superior quality feel or improved user friendliness.

The engine variants stay the same, ranging from the 1.6-liter e-HDi FAP with 115 hp (84 kW) to the 1.6-liter THP with outputs of 155 p (114 kW) and 163 p (120 kW) or the 2.0-liter HDi FAP with outputs of 150 p (110 kW) and 163 p (120 kW).

The star attraction remains the Hybrid4, which mates a diesel engine to an electric motor, as the 2.0-liter HDi FAP 163 hp powers the front wheels and a a 37 HP (27 kW) electric motor powers the rear wheels, giving the model a combined maximum output of 200 HP (147 kW) and the ability to go with just 3.4 l/100km (69.1 mpg US / 83 mpg UK).


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