Lamborghini Gallardo bursts into flames image

A Lamborghini Gallardo disappeared in flames for no obvious reason while being driven in the Scottish Highlands.

The driver of the Gallardo supercar was enjoying a Saturday afternoon in his car, cruising the Scottish Highlands, when smoke started pouring from his car.

Fortunately the driver escaped from his worst nightmare and rushed inside a hospital in Fort William to get a fire extinguisher, but by the time he came back the whole car was burning like a torch.

“Within two minutes there was a lick of flames and within five minutes it was totally ablaze. The owner just stood by holding his head in his hands. I have heard of money to burn but this was ridiculous. That was 150.000 pounds worth of handmade art and just went up in flames”, as it was written in a DailyMail article.

This isn’t the first incident with a Gallardo bursting into flames without any reason and another Lamborghini caught fire while being tested by a Norwegian rap star.